Adidas’ corporate promotion program

I. Analysis of the background of the company
As everyone knows, Adidas is one of the world’s most famous sports brands, and brands such as Nike and Reebok occupy the main market share of global sports goods consumption. Since the establishment of Adidas in 1920 (the “ADIDAS” trademark was registered in 1948), it has both successful glory and failed lessons. The ups and downs in these commercial wars are closely related to their brand positioning and development strategies. When Adidas started its business, although it was still a small workshop-style small business, its vision has been aimed at the world market. Therefore, in the early stage of the fake yeezys for sale development, Adidas regards product technology innovation as the driving force for market development and brand awareness. “Function first” and “best for athletes” are the principles of the company’s brand development. Adidas founder Adi Dassler is not only a track and field athlete and sports enthusiast, but also an entrepreneur and innovator who advocates craftsmanship, quality and passion for innovation. Many technological breakthroughs in Adidas sneaker manufacturing process are made by him. In realization, he has obtained a total of 700 patents. At the same time, Adi Dassler is also the pioneer in the world of sports shoe production. In 1920, Adi invented the world’s first pair of training sneakers. Under his leadership, Adidas gave birth to the world’s first pair of skates and rubber-studded football spikes. The screw-in spikes developed by Adidas are a very revolutionary innovation, and people even think that it has made a great contribution to the German football team winning the World Cup in 1954.
Fake yeezys has continuously innovated in technology and successfully used the brand development strategies such as the Olympics and famous athletes’ advertising effects and the pyramid-type brand promotion model. By the 1960s and 1970s, Adidas had an unrivalled advantage in the sporting goods market. , become the world’s leading brand of sporting goods.
Second, the analysis of industry status
(1) The honor and decline of the “leader”
Adidas brand founder is Adi Dassler, Dassler is a shoemaker, and an obsessed amateur track and field athlete. He started doing business in 1926, when he opened a factory in the family to manufacture special lightweight running shoes and soccer shoes. In 1948, due to family conflicts between the Dassler brothers, Dassler was divided into two. One company, Hummer, belongs to the brother of Adi Dassler, and the other is the current Adidas.

1. High honor in history
Adidasler’s meaning for Adidas is the same as Phil Nate’s for Nike, but his influence is always better than the latter. He is not only a track and field athlete and sports enthusiast, but also an entrepreneur and replica yeezys 350 v2 inventor who values ​​craftsmanship, quality and passion for innovation. He listened to the opinions of the athletes, participated in the track and field competition in person, sat on the bench and the players analyzed their demand for sports shoes. “Function first” is the company’s main theme, “giving athletes the best” to become the company’s slogan.
In 1980, Adidas sales reached $1 billion. The market share of the main product categories is as high as 70%. The company produces 150 different styles of sports shoes, with 24 plants in 17 countries producing 200,000 pairs per day. Adidas products are sold in 150 countries.
2. The tragic fate of history
Before the 1980s, Adidas had an extraordinary brand status in the minds of consumers. A survey at the time analyzed that more than half of Americans passed through Adidas sneakers and Adidas participated in the New York Marathon from 1970. 150 people increased to 5,000 in 1979. However, after entering the 1980s, Adidas ignored the rise of jogging in the United States, the world’s largest sports product market. The number of consumers participating in running activities at the bottom of the pyramid surged. Adidas missed the opportunity to let sports rookie Nike seize the opportunity and eventually Great success.
This may be a question often encountered by successful people: Why invest in unfamiliar areas? Jogging is not a group or competitive sport. It is different from the market that the company is familiar with. Joggers are not in the three levels of the Adidas pyramid. Adidas is also unable to establish contact with any team, club or organization.